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  • Stripping HTML from truncated content in Jekyll

    When I started writing this post it was going to be a request for debugging help, but in the process of writing it I solved my own problem. (Don’t you love it when that happens?) Since I had already written half a blog post, I decided to share the solution here for posterity.

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  • TIL that the signature sound of 80s pop and hip hop originates from Stravinsky's Firebird.

  • Along the lines of Email is Good, I’d like to see someone start a blog called “Hyperlinks are Good”.

  • Learned about the curb cut effect from 99% Invisible: it’s when a design element designed to help a particular group of people (wheelchair users) turns out to benefit a broader range of people than anticipated (people using strollers, walkers, rolling suitcases, etc.). Applicable to many disciplines, including software development.

  • Experimenting with the Send to Kindle Chrome extension for saving articles and blog posts to my Kindle. It does its job well, but I think I prefer keeping my Kindle library limited to books only. Having a lot of bite-sized reading material on it seems like it will detract from the distraction-free experience I love so much.

  • People who use Pocket, have you tried Feedhuddler? It lets you subscribe to RSS feeds so their articles are automatically saved to your Pocket. Looks cool!

  • Another PSA: Know that changing the time zone of your Jekyll blog might break your permalinks. Don't let that stop you from changing it (you can override permalinks or add redirects to prevent broken links), but be warned.

  • I meant to post this back in March when it was published, but it slipped my mind. As a follow-up to an earlier discussion about the degree to which emails are governed by algorithms: Greetings From Your Promotions Tab.

  • PSA: If you're hosting a website on GitHub Pages and you don't have your own domain, think about getting one. Costs about $15/year and takes 10 minutes to set up. Sure you want to use GitHub Pages forever? If you don't own your domain, changing hosts means breaking links.

  • Just realized that social media is a very different and probably more addicting experience to people with massive followings. When you get likes and comments on everything you post, the temptation to publish every mildly interesting thought that occurs to you must be strong.