I'm pretty happy with Jekyll for my personal site right now but I'm itching to try this static-dynamic hybrid approach: Blog is a Rails app. It only has interfaces for displaying posts, not writing or editing. We have a Micropub endpoint for publishing.

All views are public, so we cache every view. We don't worry about cache invalidation; anytime we change anything in the database, we just blow away the entire cache. But we don't build the entire site at once; Rails controllers build and cache pages as they are requested. Once cached, a page is served as a static HTML file.

We have all the benefits of a static site generator in a Majestic Monolith that could handle commenting and even accept Webmentions. The most magical part? The more traffic the site gets, the faster the average page load will be (to a point) because users are more likely to hit a cached page.

Please help me name this or I'll have no choice but to call it "stanamic” architecture.