This blog post was going to have a long preamble justifying the act of writing about disliking remote work in a world where office-based jobs are far more prevalent and easier to find, but writing is hard, so this is just going to be a numbered list of reasons I don’t want to work remotely. I’ll save the justification for another post, maybe.

  1. I like my commute! I get most of my reading done on public transit. When I lived in San Diego and drove to work, I enjoyed listening to NPR in the car.
  2. I like my office! It’s decorated with original artwork, Redbubble products, and other fun stuff. I like the creative ambiance.
  3. I like my coworkers! I enjoy being around them, and Slack, email, and video chats just aren’t the same.
  4. My company is big enough that there are a lot of people I never have a work-related reason to talk to. Chance encounters in the kitchen and after-work game nights are the only way I can get to know them. And in the future, if we ever do have a work-related reason to talk, we’re already acquainted.
  5. Being in the office helps me focus and be more productive, because being surrounded by people who are working towards the same goal as me is motivating. There are distractions in the office, but they’re nothing compared to the struggle it is for me to focus on work at home. In the office, I spend less energy trying to stay focused and more on my actual work.
  6. Built-in movement in my day. In addition to the short walk on each end of my commute, every time I get up to make tea, visit the restroom, or go to a meeting, I’m walking significantly more than I would at home. As long as I go to lunch a few blocks from the office, I easily average 8,000 steps most days without any official exercise.
  7. I like pair programming, and remote pairing is a pain in the butt.
  8. I’m a hermit by nature, but I need to get out of the house and socialize. Every article with advice on how to work remotely will tell you that you need to be proactive about seeing friends and getting out of the house. But I am more likely to succeed at that if I make it part of my daily routine rather than an extra thing I need to do.
  9. That said, I do like staying home all day on the weekend—as an infrequent treat. Like dessert, I enjoy it more if I don’t do it every day.
  10. I don’t have the space to set up a dedicated workspace at home. Every article about remote work tells you to do this to avoid distractions and to allow you to feel like you’ve left work when you’re done for the day, but I can’t.
  11. Random office fun. I like the birthday treats, group boba deliveries, and annual Easter egg hunts too much to give up!