Ed-Tech That Makes Me Want to Scream 🔗

Imagine a child besotted by learning a new subject or new skill, how they will squirrel themselves away in private, seeking space to explore, to screw up without scrutiny or comment, seeking help only when they have exhausted their own potential. This kind of space is necessary. It’s vital.

It’s human.

Now imagine a child interacting with something called FaceMetrics, and its Read2Play app.

Utilizing video working in concert with AI, FaceMetrics monitors the child’s behavior as they read, tracking eye movement to see how carefully or closely they might be reading, possibly saying, “You missed some paragraphs,” if it suspects skimming.

It will reward children with game time if they read diligently. “Well done,” the app will tell children, “you read carefully, and you deserve another half an hour in the game.”