Jen Simmons on how to choose technologies:

Choose software / languages / tools based on one thing alone — which choice puts you near people you like? Or more importantly, who will like you.


99% of these tools & languages are a good choice. What matters is how much you like going to work, or not. Will you get promoted? Respected? Helped?

Do you hold the same values as the other people using these tools? If you are surrounded by people who hate what you love, and love what you hate, you will be miserable.

What are your values when it comes to tech, designing & coding? Can you find others who agree? Go with them.


It’s not the technology that matters. It’s the humans that matter.

Find great people who you enjoy, who treat you well. And work with them on whichever tech stack they want. The tech stack does not matter. What you are making does.

This is why I 💖 Ruby on Rails.

And also why after hearing Leah Silber talk about organizing EmberConf on Tech Done Right, Ember is on my list as something I want to learn!