Funny how when Apple makes choices I find questionable, I often end up coming around eventually. Case in point: phones getting bigger. I’ve been saying for years that every iPhone after the 5 is too big and if I upgrade I’ll get an SE. But now that the Watch is getting more powerful, I can actually see myself getting one and going more places without my phone, so maybe I won’t mind a bigger phone?

On a similar note, I can’t remember where but I saw somebody hypothesize that Apple was OK with killing MagSafe because they expect battery life to improve to the point that we will only be charging our laptops at night when we aren’t using them. If true, then eventually I’ll be fine with that decision as well.

Basically, Apple is always just a bit too far ahead of the curve. I wish they wouldn’t be. I’m still annoyed about too-big phones and the death of MagSafe for now. There’s always a pain point somewhere.

Also, does this mean I’m going to end up liking the Touch Bar too?