I have so much fun tinkering with my Jekyll site. It's the perfect hobby for a software developer who likes to write. DIY seems like the obvious choice for developers, but there are so many of us writing on Medium instead. It got me thinking about why I considered Medium when I wanted to start blogging.

Two main reasons:

  1. It's faster to get going. You don't have to spend any time setting up a site. You just write and publish.
  2. I thought I would get more readers on Medium.

In fact, #1 is barely true. If you already use GitHub and have minimal familiarity with the Ruby ecosystem, you can get up and running with a Jekyll blog in less than an hour, including your own domain name.

And it turns out #2 is wrong as well. I've started reposting my articles on Medium using their import tool and I hardly get any views. I get more engagement from Twitter than I get views from Medium. Actually, I get more engagement from Micro.blog, too!